We are responding to the most profound call to action in our lifetimes.

Until this moment, recent history spared our interconnected world of disease at this scale. We now face a pandemic – an unprecedented systems challenge: a complex, wicked set of problems. The modern world’s modus operandi has been obviated instantaneously.

As designers, we specialize in addressing the unknown. We run toward ambiguity – fueled by creativity, and we are wired to ship impactful solutions. We can – and we must – play a role in this critical shift in history.


Innovation inspired by COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has made clear the urgent need for a collective of designers and innovators uniquely skilled in solving abstract challenges rapidly, tangibly, and collaboratively. Our goal is to generate solutions that can be immediately helpful and implemented by people, patients, and healthcare providers as we find new ways of working, caring for others and accessing critical tools.

Learn how we’re solving the most urgent challenges with how-to guides, insights, resources and solutions. We are constantly iterating – stay tuned for more. Please feel free to share widely, and let us know your feedback.