Does the world need another podcast? We are not necessarily talking about building something at scale. We want to start small and build a local community who shares a similar vision about building resilience into our lives.

We are making this up as we go along, because we don’t know how to do this. We make the road by walking, so we are inventing a way forward with the awareness that we live in a moment when the adjacent possible presents opportunities to move in a direction that represents unfamiliar and unexplored territory. To us, that is a journey into an adventurous, hopeful, creative, and exciting future.

As a first step in that journey, my friend Brad Jarvis took the initiative to envision a podcast about resilience. He commissioned Caleb Chan to compose the theme music for the podcast, providing a few words as inspiration for the creative direction.

  • World music influence
  • Human
  • Heartbeat

Here is what Caleb put together for us.